How to play?

How to play?

How it works

  1. Set up your account at The cost of activating the payment system is 1 cent
  2. Every auction bidder must buy the PeGG package (“GoGloob Overbid”) or credit points that are used at for bidding
  3. Choose a destination of your interest and start bidding for your holiday tour
  4. All auctions start at one cent except for special auctions that are sold as promotions and are adequately marked
  5. Every overbid increases the price of your tour by one cent
  6. Successive overbids are timed with the auction clock activated after every bid
  7. If your price is not outbid until the end of an auction, you win the tour at your declared price
  8. The final price of auctions is always highly attractive in comparison to Buy Now option
  9. After closing an auction you will receive an e-mail voucher to buy your tour at the offered price. Then you finalize your purchase by presenting the voucher to the tour operator as indicated on the voucher
  10. At any time you may use the option Buy Now. Having done that, you will be redirected to the tour operator of your chosen destination for completing the purchase


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